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Mateoryt application(again)
1 - Real Name - Mateusz

2 - Gaming name - Mateoryt

3 - Games you play - MTA, CS GO, LoL

4 - Previous or current clans
Previous: uDka, DoN, LcP, =FoX=, SGA, SRC


Why did you left your previous clan(s) / or want to leave your current clan

uDka -I wanted join to DoN
DoN - left because of this:
LcP -left because then I dont need clan
=FoX= - I wanted join to  SGA
SGA- I wanted help create new clan with PL players
SRC-closed because members had me and clan in ass

5 - Country of residence Poland

6 - Age -19

7 - Why will you be a good addition to SGA
I want back to sga because you are fantastic players and fantastic played with you . I Know you cant like me for my stupid leave, but if you wont me , I understand yours decision

8 - Anything else you can think of that will be relevant (Or more info not included above):: I think that's it I can add my channel on youtube
YES from me, but you need to become active on MTA too Smile
[Image: r8tbnr.jpg]
Yes for me
Accepted, welcome to our Clan.
As a Trialmember, you can use this clantag [SGAt] with your nickname in the next 1 week.

After you passed the 1 week, you will get your [SGA] clantag.
[Image: signaturstalker9sz4o.jpg]
First I want apologise H!J@CK, he knows why

So Why i leave from SGA ? , because i started feels bad in team i dont know how explain with normal words, I havent nothing to SGA players , fantastic played on 7 mounth with all members , and i want avoid quarrel, which must be necessary . Thank you for the best moments with all I still love you Big Grin, but i musted leave

Regards Mateoryt

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