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Faki9 application
1 - Real Name?


2 - Gaming name?

Faki9 (always)

3 - Games you play?

MTA,Fifa and pro 16 ,cs 1.6 and go

4 - Previous or current clans?

Previous: CrF,SiK,WGS,LSR

Why did you left your previous clan(s) / or want to leave your current clan?
CrF=I left because some of members blame and insult me always, then i tried to SiK and i had the same problems after long time there too...
WGS=I was  founder of the clan but i decided to close it because there were too much inactivity from 34 members i had and mostly of members didnt care fot the clan really
LSR=I left because i was little angry with LSR , in last cw vs CrF i could play 5 maps better than 2 of LSR members and they didnt gave me the chance ..but if i dont play in cw's (if i accept in SGA finally, i dont have like these problems of course)
5 - Country of residence?


6 - Age?


7 - Why will you be a good addition to SGA?

Well, i know a lot of members in SGA and i never had problems with any of members and SGA is very power clan and i could be more strong Near you guyz...

8 - Anything else you can think of that will be relevant (Or more info not included above):

I had applied some days ago here, but i deleted the text ( maybe was fault this), because no one except burn answered so i decided to close my app, but now i am back and i apply again and i hope this time mostly members vote and i hope the votes will be positives Wink ... Here some of my videos for anyone who doesnt know me, they are little old and my skills arent so good like now but...             

Ty for attention guyz

Yes,nice skills and friendly guy.
No, no and NO! Posted app to us, deleted it, posted to TC, haven't been accepted, posted again to SGA.
[Image: r8tbnr.jpg]
Burn, i think you are wrong now man, i deleted the app here because no one axcept you didnt answer after 5 days so i bored to wait( i said that maybe was a fault, then i applied to TC, but i deleted because i changed my mind and i wanted from start join in SGA) thats why, but you can say anything you want of course, you believe that so i cant do anything...
Sorry but no Smile good luck in future
ok denied this app....

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