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Driveway Join Request
1 - Real Name?


2 - Gaming name?


3 - Games you play?

Multi Theft Auto, SA:MP, Call of Duty ( different chapters ), Smite.

4 - Previous or current clans?

Previous: None.
Current: None.
Why did you left your previous clan(s) / or want to leave your current clan?

5 - Country of residence?

Netherlands, but I'm from Scotland. ( Hard to explain, but to shorten it, I used to live with my father in Netherlands )

6 - Age?


7 - Why will you be a good addition to SGA?

One of the main reasons could be my skills ofcourse, but I'm not sure If I'm skilled or not, I'm just trying to drive as good as I can. I'm decent driver, and let's say motorcyclist aswell. 

8 - Anything else you can think of that will be relevant (Or more info not included above):

I know that my application is pretty poor, but I don't have anything else to add. Uhm, I'm playing with keyboard and that's all. I have never been into any clan, so I want to try out how it is. I'd say, that BurN invited or to be more precisely, he offered me to make a join request.
Here's a video which can show you my skills a bit :
[Image: r8tbnr.jpg]
good player
YES Smile
[Image: BIgI76v.jpg][Image: sig.png]
yes Big Grin
You have my yes too. Smile
Accepted, welcome to our Clan.
As a Trialmember, you can use this clantag [SGAt] with your nickname in the next 3 weeks.

After you passed the 3 weeks, you will get your [SGA] clantag.
[Image: signaturstalker9sz4o.jpg]

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