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We1less app.
1 - Real name: Derick.

2 - Gaming name: We1less.

3 - Games you play: CS:GO, MTA and sometimes H1Z1.

4 - Previous or current clans? I have not been through any clan.

5 - Country of residence? Brazil.

6 - Age: 16.

7 - Why will you be a good addition to SGA? Well, I think the SGA will be a good complement for me, I started to run 5 months ago, I know how to run but I'm still not excellent equal to all of you, I think comingo into SGA, I could train a lot inside the clan, learn enough with you and so it goes... I made a mistake, I'm not 100%, I'll let you know. I really want to join SGA, because in it I can learn a lot, train with you and be great in races, so I'm here. xD

8 - Anything else you can think of that will be revelant (Or more info not included above.): Yesterday I was trying to record a video to post here for you, but currently I have problems in the Computer and the Internet. Lag from fps and taking time to upload videos, I apologize, I wanted to record a lot but I can not. Thanks for reading my application and that's it. xD

Hello, did not appear in the application question 8 and I can not put it, what can it be?
Omg dont be hopper
Dude, I missed to cancel this application, lol.
I would like to see you ingame, and then express my opinion. At which servers you are usually/daily playing?
And why did you decline your applications to SiK / TC?
(11-21-2016, 06:15 PM)Surenos Wrote:  eu gostaria de vê-lo no jogo, e então expressar minha opinião. Em que servidores que são geralmente / jogo diária?
E por que você diminuir as suas aplicações para SiK / TC?

Well, I only play in FFS myself. I had applied for SiK and they took about 5 days to respond, so I forgot that I had applied to the TC and went to SiK. And in SiK two drivers said that I need to improve my skills a little more, so I've already asked to deny there, it was not too much.

NO for me
I see you little indecisive and impatient, also I need to know more about you. It's a no for the moment for me, but I need to see you playing and all of that, maybe in some weeks I change my opinion.
I have the nickname pawN on the server, so every day and every time, when you want to see me, just go in there. I apologize, I could have posted a video for you, but unfortunately I have problems on the computer =/

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