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Cearme app.
(11-08-2017, 06:51 PM)CaverN Wrote:  Yes, that's true. But why u have a bad opinion to him because he applied to CrF 2 times? His apps are denied and he try to join to other clan. What wrong with this? Big Grin

You wanna know what is wrong with this? I'll tell you, if someone thinks that making a request to join a clan is just bullshitting around, then what do you expect? That every guy must be taken to the clan?
These 2 crf join requests what he made looks total shit, the video in the first application is made for fun as I see or just the poorest driver ever, everything he has been made so far is total shit, but there's nothing wrong if he could make nice application to another clan.
Even if he doesn't know how to drive, then being respectful against clans and members should be the way to get into the clan.. when I say that he should edit his post and make it better, then just changing colors isn't the way to do it.. 
Learn from mistakes and get better is the tip for him..

Have a nice evening.
racing skills unknown.
Okay, I agree with you man. Just I wanna know why you be against for him. Thats all Smile
(11-08-2017, 07:35 PM)CaverN Wrote:  Okay, I agree with you man. Just I wanna know why you be against for him. Thats all Smile

I think I were pretty clear in my previous posts why I am against him.
racing skills unknown.
And what now?
Hey man, thanks for maiking the app for SGA. I need to know you more thoroughly and see your skills to be able to vote. GL.
Hello Cearme, as i can see on your video, your skills isn't good, so my vote is No. Improve your skill.
Sorry, but NO from me. Gl.
[Image: E2RTzMV.jpg]
NO  from me
After a long discussion, and a lot of writing in our clan, we decided to decline this app.

You can try again someday.

So long,
[Image: signaturstalker9sz4o.jpg]

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