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andrex97's app
1 - Real Name? Andrea

2 - Gaming name? andrex97

3 - Games you play? GTA San Andreas, Minecraft, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, Forza Motorsport 6, Gta 5, 

4 - Previous or current clans? 
Previous: X5
Current: /
Why did you left your previous clan(s) / or want to leave your current clan? I leave my clan , beacouse it was a Death Match clan , but now i dont like that gamemode at all , but i prefeer to join race, so i want to be part of a race clan.

5 - Country of residence? Italy

6 - Age? 20

7 - Why will you be a good addition to SGA? Im a gud racer, i think. And im a mapper.

8 - Anything else you can think of that will be relevant (Or more info not included above): I want to share my past to you all.
My masterpiece, and last map. 

I really love to drive anything that have wheels , 4 wheels for precision, in game and on irl , i love to drive the gokart , and my car, a beautiful Dark grey Renault Clio IV , that have 75cv for 55kw 1,2 valves it is my first car and i have my driving license since 1 year for now. I really love to drive , and i think it's a part of my life , in future i want to join in kart race , but now i just work hard for pass the school , and think at the future.
Thanks for reading my apply , have a nice day.

How i play:
Added video , 2 more soon.
Yes from me.GL
[Image: BIgI76v.jpg][Image: sig.png]
Yes from me. Very active
YES good luck  Smile
It's a YES from me. Good luck.
[Image: E2RTzMV.jpg]
Hey andrex97, yes from me
I saw how u played and it's a yes from me also, GL!
racing skills unknown.
A YES from me.
Accepted, welcome to our Clan.
As a Trialmember, you can use this clantag [SGAt] with your nickname in the next 4 weeks.

After you passed the 4 weeks, you will get your [SGA] clantag.
[Image: signaturstalker9sz4o.jpg]

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