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hi fgù
nice try,deion
[Image: BIgI76v.jpg][Image: sig.png]
You know how much i did tried to join to u many application but no opportunies from you i knew why cuz i was newbie now i became hopper and bad guy and behave as childish u can see me in other good side i'm trying to did anything to joined you while you deny me i couldn't see all the clan i joined i haven't leaved them with my self they kicked me both lack of my activity everyone of u know i don't 've any choise now all clans hates me think me hopper just try to make hard Discussion i waitin u even 1 years i don't worry my past became more worse but i did that shame thing just for u i rly rly rly i swear ill not leave you i swear i can help you activity and cws and tm i've here old best friend here [sga]ImaGine he's incative now i 've no more words to explain to u i wish u understand me
I can do anything u want i gotta wait
You sure remeber your last words with your old account "DeioN" here: "fucking racism here".
The reason why your account was banned.
[Image: signaturstalker9sz4o.jpg]
I remember yeah thank u for replied to me
-1 i rly wasn't speak english well
-2 i wasn't even know what i say
-3 i was newbie i was behave not well i admit
I hope now take me and make hard conversation i'm rly admit my behaviour was pretty bad
that was bad past let's looking for the future
I will do anything or everythings to give me chance only 1 time to show you my best please ..
this is my video i can upload more
Making an app to every clan every week isn't going to help. Begging won't also. Play solo for a few months, prove you can be decent and then apply to clans.
hi and thnx for replied
you are right for everthing u said but this clan means a lot to me i've did apps already but nothing changed i wish u know give me a little chance and i swear i show u my best please guys give chance
my vote is NOO.....

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