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(12-10-2017, 09:32 PM)josh Wrote:  my vote is NOO.....

thank you Josh that's ur opinion but i want you all to know i'm really want to be in this community i love it and l swear i'll not leave i swear i said that from my heart i'll not leave uuuu i swear for that
i'll upload more for u
What the heck is this... you didn't know what racism means?? Do not lie to us.

Definetly NO!
racing skills unknown.
Well done thank you for replied
1- i'm not lie i can approve that cuz while i was here already "racsim" i had know that what means but i opolgize all of u and i'm rly sorry but i've one things i 'll tell u
when i said "fuckin racism gone here" i really wasn't speak english well and
you can check my apps
Also u can know from me while i was applied to u already i was new or newbie in mta i hadn't know what's the rules of the game
i rly have enough skills to help u even a bit i'll not leaVe u i promise u abd i swaer
have a nice evening
Give a just a bit chance please surely everyone deserve a chance 1 no more pls
My vote will be NO forever
Thank u guys for replied to me i tried to did everthings to accept me but u don't give me chances but i'm with u maybe next time i'll try thank u
but i want u belive me all of u i want u belive me i said that from my heart
Do not multi-post!
racing skills unknown.
I just wanna say i'll work hard for u and approve to u and i want to be into this best clan ever maybe in the future

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