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Joey Nelson application
1 - Real Name? Boris

2 - Gaming name? JoeyNelson, 100ka

3 - Games you play? sa:mp, mta, csgo.

4 - Previous or current clans?
Previous: zG, NKC
Current: //
Why did you left your previous clan(s) / or want to leave your current clan?
 Nelson storys start:

 - In zG Im come when Im start play MTA(since 10/2017). I am left zG before 1 mounth with some reasons. One of drivers be so unfriendly for me, and he get t1(best top for him) and he recorded it for training. Okay, I am get this top for 2 seconds and message on wapp be "how you fucking get this time joey", "on what fps", "with cheat?". Maaan, without cheat on fps 50. Ofc he dont belive me, okay. BUT now xtreme come and he dont belive in my record. Okay, I am gone on zG server when some people from clan be active and create BETTER top on fps 50 and send picture to xtreme and he say "I will belive you when you create this on ffs". 
There has already been an end to my patience and I have already decided to leave the clan but after making that record at ffs. Ofc, im get 26:1 time on map where "big top of cyrex" be 27.3 and I am leave clan.

 - After this, I am send application for NKC. Why? In this perspective NKC be good clan with good drivers, best for me because wenom and raiderz play on adrenaline x - where I am from. Im send this and I am accepted for trial member. Okay, Im come and play here maybe 10-12 days like trial member. Okay soon is cw with afe and Wenom say me "if nkc win afe you are full member" - okay. I am start train some maps for this cw. And on one map I am get one t1. AGAIN SAME STORY: Sharrigan "This top is on fps 100". Hahah only what I can say in that moment is "bog te jebo". But - okay, I am say is not, come on server I will do it again. And I am do it when Wenom be online(or breezy, idk). 1-2 days after this is cw with RTF, NKC loose. 
That day in the evening I was somewhere in the outing I believed a little drink, and I made some video with the car in town and sent to group chat and say "where is this vodka" or something like this I really dont know. And ofc, I can say this is not international team and everything is on Russian, when is training all speaking Russian on server, all speaking Russian on skype, all all all. Btw, after this my 2-3 photos and videos in skype chat, tomorrow Im translate this and that surprised me. Guys who have max 16 years or 18 what I know(only know too much kids) comment on me the child is drunk, driving a car fast and the like. Okay people again "bog te jebo", you do not have a year together as I do and you can write in the fucking English as well. And this is fucking reasons why Im left NKC.

5 - Country of residence? Croatia

6 - Age? 21

7 - Why will you be a good addition to SGA? I think Im good driver, very active player and Im very friendly what is most important for me. I can active train and I am mostly available.

8 - Anything else you can think of that will be relevant (Or more info not included above):
 - I would primarily like to join this clan because it is international and most of the players from this clan are as friendly as I have noticed.
And I want say - Im not clan hopper, I want be in one stable and good clan where players have respect for all members, where is not unfriendly atmosphere.
I see a potential in you, I've seen how u drive, surely u can improve because u haven't played for that long race, so this is why my vote is gonna be yes.
good luck!
PS! even if ur english isn't that good, it doesn't really matter since it can also be improval.
racing skills unknown.
I don't find you a trustworthy person, your reasons are weird and I can't really understand your explanations, it's a NO from me
NEUTRAL Good luck..
hi JoeyNelson, it's a no from me
within your left reason it wasn’t that clear tbh, sorry no.
[Image: lutgYEL.gif]
Well I think NKC is not international clan, where everybody speaking on russian - on nkc group skype, ingame on trainings, on other servers in team chat... I cant be in clan where I dont speak with anyone. This is biggest reason why Im left this clan. Thanks for votes
I've seen him play in samp and ffs and he's a good driver and kind person, don't know why so many negative votes xd, screw the reasons, and I would feel unconfortable too in a clan where everyone speaks another language I don't understand. It's yes for me, gl.

I will try to record a video with some races on the samp and mta. If anyone wants to see how i ride, he can send me a message on skype (borisspice) and i will come if i am able.

I'm really not a clan hopper and I would like to prove it.
2 random races from samp, and 2 races on mta where I have nice times.


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