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FALTy.'s application
1 - Real Name? Dawid

2 - Gaming name? FALTy. / Vilgefortz

3 - Games you play? None at the moment, but I come back to MTA when needed.

4 - Previous or current clans?
Previous: SiK, BOR
Why did you left your previous clan(s) / or want to leave your current clan? I don't want to talk about it - it's all personal. 

5 - Country of residence? Poland

6 - Age? 22

7 - Why will you be a good addition to SGA? During my 3 years experience with racing scene I got some things to know and I hope I accomplish them well. I know many of you and I hope we get along pretty well Smile  I consider myself a decent city racer and maybe a bit of biker.

8 - Anything else you can think of that will be relevant (Or more info not included above): I was playing with SGA since I joined MTA - back in 2010 I was an eXo clan member (eXo|MoN) and we were spending days playing on our server together, since SGA was more of a DD clan then. I was friend with PytoSS and joining SGA was kind of a dream since the very first days of my MTA activity. You can see me posting MTA videos on my channel if you're not yet sure who this guy is Tongue 
Yes from me, gl
[Image: 6psRiFV.png]
"Although you're gay for SGA, I vote YES" - guess it wasn't me after all Big Grin

Good luck bro Smile
[Image: G6HYac9.jpg]
YES. gl
[Image: BIgI76v.jpg][Image: sig.png]
Surely my vote is gonna be yes
I know ur skills and it would be pleasure to ride along with ya mate.
Good luck!
racing skills unknown.
Definitaly YES from me, Good Luck!
[Image: E2RTzMV.jpg]
I have seen your skills but despite I don't really know you, my mates don't seem to have any problem with you so I can give you my YES
it's a YES!!! of course.
Yes, good luck falty.
[Image: lutgYEL.gif]

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