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Razen's Application
1 - Real Name?

2 - Gaming name?

3 - Games you play?
Only MTA but I play different games sometimes.

4 - Previous or current clans?
[SiK] Speed is King
[AFE] Accelerate for Erect
Current: None

Why did you left your previous clan(s) / or want to leave your current clan?
I left SiK because I wanted to get better at race and not be a dead weight in the clan. The reason I left AFE is because I simply didn't fit there.

5 - Country of residence?

6 - Age?

7 - Why will you be a good addition to SGA?
Since I returned to race two weeks ago I've been looking for a clan to stay for a really long time and get along with its members and I think SGA is the right place. I'm a very active player and I have some decent skills that might come in hand at cws. I'm not a professional racer but I'm willing to improve and help the clan in any way I can.

8 - Anything else you can think of that will be relevant (Or more info not included above):
I decided to record a video playing 0nE WaY for those of you who don't know me, here it is:

My vote is YES good luck
[Image: BIgI76v.jpg][Image: sig.png]
Hey mate! Yes from me!
racing skills unknown.
Thanks for the votes guys Big Grin
Yes pe
Yes! gl
[Image: 6psRiFV.png]
Definitaly YES! Good luck! Smile
[Image: E2RTzMV.jpg]
Accepted, welcome to our Clan.
As a Trialmember, you can use this clantag [SGAt] with your nickname in the next 4 weeks.

After you passed the 4 weeks, you will get your [SGA] clantag.
[Image: signaturstalker9sz4o.jpg]

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